We need change now as we needed it then

Shades of the Past

Shades of the Past

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My Baby’s Birthday

My beautiful daughter is 29 today. I am so incredibly proud of the person she is, has always been. She is so steady, no matter how adverse conditions may be, she remains strong and self-reliant. She is my hero. Two years ago this past June, she gave birth prematurely to my darling grandson, Cannon. I will always be so grateful to her for him. She’s a wonderful mom and he is a pure joy. He was recently diagnosed with severe hearing loss, but with his new hearing aids, he can hear my voice and react. He’s not talking, yet, but I cannot wait to have long talks with him about bugs and birds and clouds and magical things. I love my kids and my grandson so much. I hope she is having a wonderful day today. She deserves it more than anyone I know.

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Be Careful What You Wish For…

Back in May I did something that was probably one of the stupidest things ever. I had liposuction. EXTENSIVE liposuction. I’m talking, being wheeled out thirty pounds lighter than when I walked in. I can’t even begin to explain to you how horrifying the procedure and recovery were. I felt like I was trapped in a terrifying nightmare and I couldn’t wake up. (I think they should replace waterboarding with lipo at Gitmo. No, too inhumane on second thought!) The pain was excruciating and lasted for weeks and weeks. I still have some discomfort and it’s been three months now. One of the worst parts of the procedure is what happened to my mouth…This not so brilliant and somewhat scummy plastic surgeon decided to take fat out from under my chin. He also took it upon himself to snip muscles on either side of my mouth so it wouldn’t turn down so much. (Assholes are always telling me to “SMILE!” when I just have a neutral expression.) Something went wrong during the procedure and a nerve was damaged. Now the left side of my mouth droops. My daughter (she’s oh so kind) said I look like I’ve been kicked in the face by a goat. Thanks, darling. It is just so depressing…The plastic surgeon from hell is SO dismissive and keeps saying, “oh, don’t worry! It’ll go away” like it’s nothing at all. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. I hate doctors who behave this way, which is why I will never set foot in his office again. ANYWAY, I went to see my pain specialist this morning to discuss my recent neck treatments and upcoming injections to T7-T9 to relieve back pain. I talked to him about my mouth and burst into tears. He was so dear, really is the best doctor I’ve ever met. He’s sending me to a neurologist to get to the bottom of the problem, to see how extensive the damage is to the nerve and to investigate the possibilty of Bell’s Palsy. I’m just glad that I’m finally going to get a prognosis and find out if this will go away on it’s own or what. It’s so hard to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself, or talk to someone on the phone that you’ve known for years and they don’t recognize your voice. I have a hard time talking and eating. I’ve had a hard time discussing it, or writing about it, so please realize this is tough for me. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll post an update after I see the neurologist. Hopefully the appointment will be soon.


I thought Hillary did a great job tonight at the DNC. I loved the “No way, no how, no McCain!” line. I only hope she was able to convince her supporters who are on the fence to come back to the fold and vote for Barack. Good lord, we cannot keep going in this downward spiral much longer. It’s time to put a Democrat back in the big house. Bush has effectively screwed the pooch. We need to kick him and his ilk to the curb! GO OBAMA!

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Wanna Hear the Biggest Tool EVER?

Click on this link and go over to

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Waylaid on the Superhighway

I was checking out some of my favorite blobs this morning, and visited Haven Kimmel’s (the AUTHOR!). She had a response from Suzanne Finnemore (the AUTHOR!), so I went to visit HER blob and found the most interesting post about Augusten Burroughs (yep, the AUTHOR!) and how he’s addicted to QVC. (They’re all friends, see?) (I have their links in my blobroll.) He sent Suzanne all these QVC links for Diamonique jewelry, so of course I had to click over there to see what he was talking about and yes, I ALMOST hit ADD TO BASKET, but I didn’t. Whew. With amazing restraint, I went back to Suzanne’s blob and read another post that had a YouTube link. I just had to look. It was so bizarre…It was a video of a Victoria’s Secret show with Seal in a sparkly silver suit singing “Amazing” as the models pranced by, ending, of course, with Heidi in the most spectacular outfit. It weirded me out. So, I had to check out related videos, some of which were even stranger. This took me a total of about an hour of wasted time. But, it beats watching Maury, right? Who da daddy? Who da hell cares?

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Good News From High School

I picked up my daughter this afternoon and she said, “Mom, I love being a senior! And, I love all my teachers! They treat us with respect and it’s totally different than being an underclassman.” Man, what a relief. Of course, getting out of school with two free periods at the end of the day helps a lot, too! I’m so happy she’s happy. Now maybe I can take a little nap. Of course, I had to update my blob first! (Have I mentioned that I dislike the word “blog”? It sounds like it would involve peat, water and rubber boots. I much prefer “blob”, as it reminds me of Steve McQueen, which is preferable to quicksand. My BFF agrees.) Night, night!

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I Can’t Sleep

I fell asleep around 10:30 and then woke up at 2:00 am hotter than old Billy Hell. I forgot to turn the thermostat down a degree or two before I went to bed, which usually means I will wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. You’ve got to love those fucking hot flashes, don’t ya? I hoped to fall back asleep fairly quickly, but it wasn’t in the cards. I’ve been up for two hours now, just farting around. I can’t decide if I should TRY to get back to sleep or just stay up. I’ve got to get the kiddo up around 7:00 for her first day back at school. OK. There it is. That’s the real reason I can’t get back to sleep. My poor kid had the worst time last year you can imagine. Junior year totally sucked. As I’ve already mentioned, her best friend committed suicide in October. Then, a short time later there was a horrible wreck involving four of her classmates and two of the girls died. Trauma, drama, fear, depression and grief were hanging over our heads for the rest of the year. Then her other dear friend moved to Kerrville. She said, “All of my friends are either dead or have moved away. I feel so alone.” I just so badly want her to have a good senior year. She dreads going back so badly and says she hates her school. That makes me so sad. We all just want our kids to be happy, right? I hope things will turn around when she goes to college. I think we’ve settled on a school that’s just 20-30 miles away. She was definitely stoked when she found out they have classes four days a week! Three day weekends, whoo hoo! On an up note, she had a girlfriend come over this afternoon. They went shopping and out to dinner and had a great time. Maybe this school year won’t be so bad. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

The good news is, she has a wonderful boyfriend that we all adore. The bad news is, he lives in Arizona. I should buy stock in Southwest Airlines.

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My Daughter’s High School Is Broken

I can’t even begin to tell you the problems at my daughter’s high school (Austin Independent School District). Over the last two years, almost every single outstanding teacher has left. It’s been like rats leaving the Titanic. That alone tells you that there are major issues. (The way my daughter’s best friend’s suicide was handled last October was fucking shameful. Not to mention this was the third suicide in two years at this particular school. You’d think they’d have procedures down, right?) (My daughter is, by the way, doing so much better, after a lot of therapy and antidepressants.) Well, my husband and I were on the way to see Tropic Thunder this afternoon (which really was quite funny) and I received an automated call from the school, since it’s the day before school starts for the semester. It was in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish nor do I comprehend it. I waited for over five minutes for the English version to begin, cussing profusely. When the lady stopped speaking Spanish, the call was disconnected. I was so PISSED. I never received a call in English, so I have no idea what the message was about, only that it was regarding the first day of school and some procedures. I’m definitely going to make a call to the school tomorrow and ask them to put me on the English speaking calls from now on. I’ve never gotten one in Spanish before, so I don’t quite know how I got on that list. But, someone needs to pull their head out. I feel better now, having ranted. And don’t get me wrong, I know they need to have Spanish language messages. I’m all for that. Just don’t send them to me so I have to listen to it for five minutes, hoping to hear an English version, fer crying out loud! Bitching ceased, over and out.

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Back To School Shopping Hell

OK, it’s her senior year and this is the last time I’ll go back to school shopping for high school, but I am still so damned glad I’m home and no longer in the fuggin’ mall. GAWD. It was packed, but the thing that really gets on my tits is when you go into these teen shops and the music is so damned loud your own daughter can’t hear you screaming “GET ME OUT OF HERE” at the top of your lungs. Not that I did anything like that, but of course I did. Although it was pretty sweet in the juniors department of Nordstrom’s, getting to see the new Weezer video. I love me some pork and beans.

The funniest quote of the day came from my daughter as we were walking into Nordstrom’s. She had driven to the mall (still working on parent taught driving) and we were discussing what was easy and difficult about driving. She said, “I really don’t like backing up…it’s just…everything’s all BACKWARDS.” I laughed so hard I was afraid snot was shooting out my nose. That girl can crack me up sometimes. Other times I want to strangle her. But that’s just between us, right?

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