Driver’s Ed…Parent Taught!!!

Yes, I have taken on the duties of teaching my daughter to drive.  She has put it off and put it off and I finally got her to start the driving portion IF I TEACH HER.  She said the man at the driving school was a retired coach and he was creepy, so she didn’t want to get in the car with him.  OK.  Understood.  I wouldn’t want to, either. But, now I find myself at 53 teaching a 17 year old how to drive.  Having kids later in life can have weird repercussions.  I should be knitting or baking cookies.  Not holding on for dear life, trying like hell to push my right foot through the floorboard on the passenger side, as if that would somehow magically make the car FUCKING STOP BEFORE WE BACK END (no giggles here, either) A CAP METRO BUS.  Truthfully, she’s doing a good job.  It’s just that I have realized driving is one major step in her independence, and one more major step away from me.  We are going to look at a nearby college next week.  It’s only about 30 miles away, so I think I can deal with that.  I don’t think I could deal with her being hours and hours away from me.  I’m just not ready to let go.  This child has been such a mommy’s girl, her nickname used to be Velcro.  She was stuck to my hip like rubber cement.  Now I feel her moving away at an absurd speed.  She’s gone to plaid. (Spaceballs, anyone?)  My husband is talking about retiring, my daughter’s leaving home next year and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

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  1. I still think of her saying ‘ka-sploded’
    (and I still use the word myself, for that matter) – hard to believe this much time has passed.

    Mark Twain best summed up the strange transitory properties of time and aging, by pointing out that when we start downhill in life, we often find it greased for the occasion…

    25-year Old Letter
    In A 52-year old envelope,

  2. What’s the matter Colonel Sanders, Chicken?

  3. can’t believe baby girl is driving and getting ready for college! Ryne is in Lubbock now and I can’t wait till parents weekend!

    you are a brave woman

  4. Merciful, I’m glad you still say ka-sploded. “This kassert is kalicious” was one of my favorite sentences of hers. She sure had a way with words. Hell, she still does! I’m going to try to get her in some journalism classes in college. She’s a wonderful writer and has such a great wit. And yes, time fuckin’ slides by.

    Buckaroo, yep, I’m chicken. Not so much of her learning to drive in a city, but of her leaving home next year. Once they move out, things are never the same. Cherish every moment with your gorgeous girls!

    Diana! Ryne’s in college? Oh, honey. How are you adjusting? Talking about being a brave woman! God, where’d all the time go? Remember when we were giggly girls barhopping in Dallas? I don’t, but heard I had a lot of fun…wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  5. I remember way too much, but I know we had some fun. yep ryne is a junior and al is on her 3rd year as a senior. rachel is the baby! damn we are old

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