I Can’t Sleep

I fell asleep around 10:30 and then woke up at 2:00 am hotter than old Billy Hell. I forgot to turn the thermostat down a degree or two before I went to bed, which usually means I will wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. You’ve got to love those fucking hot flashes, don’t ya? I hoped to fall back asleep fairly quickly, but it wasn’t in the cards. I’ve been up for two hours now, just farting around. I can’t decide if I should TRY to get back to sleep or just stay up. I’ve got to get the kiddo up around 7:00 for her first day back at school. OK. There it is. That’s the real reason I can’t get back to sleep. My poor kid had the worst time last year you can imagine. Junior year totally sucked. As I’ve already mentioned, her best friend committed suicide in October. Then, a short time later there was a horrible wreck involving four of her classmates and two of the girls died. Trauma, drama, fear, depression and grief were hanging over our heads for the rest of the year. Then her other dear friend moved to Kerrville. She said, “All of my friends are either dead or have moved away. I feel so alone.” I just so badly want her to have a good senior year. She dreads going back so badly and says she hates her school. That makes me so sad. We all just want our kids to be happy, right? I hope things will turn around when she goes to college. I think we’ve settled on a school that’s just 20-30 miles away. She was definitely stoked when she found out they have classes four days a week! Three day weekends, whoo hoo! On an up note, she had a girlfriend come over this afternoon. They went shopping and out to dinner and had a great time. Maybe this school year won’t be so bad. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

The good news is, she has a wonderful boyfriend that we all adore. The bad news is, he lives in Arizona. I should buy stock in Southwest Airlines.

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  1. Hey, thought I’d drop in from ITPT and look around (unintended consequences?) Nice posts so far, OM. My 55 y-o wife and myself (a mere 52) just dropped off daughter at college this weekend, so can relate to advanced maternal/paternal age thing. We also did parent taught DE, best friends moving away before senior year, etc. No suicides, fortunately, but we did get to attend the mock funeral when daughter “died” in the Shattered Dreams carwreck. Enjoy the year; it was very quiet in the house this weekend in a happy/sad kind of way. Oh, and my wife doesn’t sleep much either.

    Write early, write often.

  2. Treehugger!!! It’s so great to see you! Man, our paths have crossed on so many different blobs and sites, it’s a little scary. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. I’ll see you on http://www.inthepinktexas.com

  3. Yeah, well, that can be our little secret…wink, wink.

    Ya’ll are gonna have a great year with great memories, I’m sure. Scariest part of driving is merging on I35, 4way stops at 8 lane intersections, and judging distance at night. Remember to go through the deer, not dodge, and never never ever exceed the speed limit in a small town. And about 20 other things, of course. Fortunately my kid didn’t follow my early and often path for drinking. Oh, and fair early warning on insurance…ouch. We’ve been lucky so far…only safety issue(so far) has been cell phone/texting while driving.

  4. WOW! Thanks for posting the pic of Rachel. Dang, she’s REALLY grown since I last saw her (and you know, could pick her up! haha). Sounds like it’ll be a fun year. Good luck with the blob, i’ll stay in tune. XOXO – RebeccaG

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