Good News From High School

I picked up my daughter this afternoon and she said, “Mom, I love being a senior! And, I love all my teachers! They treat us with respect and it’s totally different than being an underclassman.” Man, what a relief. Of course, getting out of school with two free periods at the end of the day helps a lot, too! I’m so happy she’s happy. Now maybe I can take a little nap. Of course, I had to update my blob first! (Have I mentioned that I dislike the word “blog”? It sounds like it would involve peat, water and rubber boots. I much prefer “blob”, as it reminds me of Steve McQueen, which is preferable to quicksand. My BFF agrees.) Night, night!

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  1. I loved my senior year in high school because there is so much less pressure, especially once you’re accepted into a university or college (if you decide to go that route). There’s a great sense of empowerment with all the responsibility of impending adulthood, too. Also, if you’ve played your cards right, your schedule reads like a day at the senior citizen’s home with bowling, pottery, and photography classes.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Linsey! I hope, hope, hope things go well this year. She had a setback last night when a friend (bitch) IM’d her and said, “Emily said you sat next to her in History today. She’s afraid you’re going to glom onto her, since you don’t know anyone else in that class.” Ooooh, I just want to snap her head off. I want to snap heads off the bitch for telling her that and also Emily’s. Being a mom is so stressful, because you just want to smooth out the bumps and make it where no one makes your child cry for hours because they feel as if they have no friends. GRRR!!! God, I wish I had some Valium.

  3. You’d think they’d grow out of that shit in 6th grade. I used to tell my daughter that for people like that, high school would be the high point of their miserable lives.

  4. You’re so right, Treehugger. I can remember how cruel kids were to me in high school because I didn’t carry a bible to school every day and didn’t point my finger to the sky while yelling “One way!”. They also made fun of me for having such skinny legs. It gives me great pleasure to visit my hometown and see them now, with stovepipe legs, and still living in that little hellhole in the Panhandle. I’ve lived SO MUCH, travelled much of the world, known many celebrities and have had a wonderful time. I tell these things to my daughter to let her know high school is definitely a thing to go through, on to bigger and better things. I also quote the Eels:

    People spend their days
    Trying to find new ways
    To put you down all over town
    But they’re not fit
    To lick your boots

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