My Baby’s Birthday

My beautiful daughter is 29 today. I am so incredibly proud of the person she is, has always been. She is so steady, no matter how adverse conditions may be, she remains strong and self-reliant. She is my hero. Two years ago this past June, she gave birth prematurely to my darling grandson, Cannon. I will always be so grateful to her for him. She’s a wonderful mom and he is a pure joy. He was recently diagnosed with severe hearing loss, but with his new hearing aids, he can hear my voice and react. He’s not talking, yet, but I cannot wait to have long talks with him about bugs and birds and clouds and magical things. I love my kids and my grandson so much. I hope she is having a wonderful day today. She deserves it more than anyone I know.

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  1. I can’t believe that sweet baby girl is 29! I forgot that our oldest girls were born in the same week. Al’s birthday was the 26th and she’s 22! maybe I need to change my blob name to oldmommy2. HA

  2. I forgot Al’s birthday was the same week as L’s, too! Being pregnant in Dallas in late August was fun, wasn’t it? I remember sweating in places I didn’t know I had. It was especially nice for me since I went three weeks past my due date. YO! That child had the biggest head I’ve ever seen. Or felt. Good god, ya’ll.

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