We need change now as we needed it then

Shades of the Past

Shades of the Past

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My Baby’s Birthday

My beautiful daughter is 29 today. I am so incredibly proud of the person she is, has always been. She is so steady, no matter how adverse conditions may be, she remains strong and self-reliant. She is my hero. Two years ago this past June, she gave birth prematurely to my darling grandson, Cannon. I will always be so grateful to her for him. She’s a wonderful mom and he is a pure joy. He was recently diagnosed with severe hearing loss, but with his new hearing aids, he can hear my voice and react. He’s not talking, yet, but I cannot wait to have long talks with him about bugs and birds and clouds and magical things. I love my kids and my grandson so much. I hope she is having a wonderful day today. She deserves it more than anyone I know.

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I thought Hillary did a great job tonight at the DNC. I loved the “No way, no how, no McCain!” line. I only hope she was able to convince her supporters who are on the fence to come back to the fold and vote for Barack. Good lord, we cannot keep going in this downward spiral much longer. It’s time to put a Democrat back in the big house. Bush has effectively screwed the pooch. We need to kick him and his ilk to the curb! GO OBAMA!

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Wanna Hear the Biggest Tool EVER?

Click on this link and go over to

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Waylaid on the Superhighway

I was checking out some of my favorite blobs this morning, and visited Haven Kimmel’s (the AUTHOR!). She had a response from Suzanne Finnemore (the AUTHOR!), so I went to visit HER blob and found the most interesting post about Augusten Burroughs (yep, the AUTHOR!) and how he’s addicted to QVC. (They’re all friends, see?) (I have their links in my blobroll.) He sent Suzanne all these QVC links for Diamonique jewelry, so of course I had to click over there to see what he was talking about and yes, I ALMOST hit ADD TO BASKET, but I didn’t. Whew. With amazing restraint, I went back to Suzanne’s blob and read another post that had a YouTube link. I just had to look. It was so bizarre…It was a video of a Victoria’s Secret show with Seal in a sparkly silver suit singing “Amazing” as the models pranced by, ending, of course, with Heidi in the most spectacular outfit. It weirded me out. So, I had to check out related videos, some of which were even stranger. This took me a total of about an hour of wasted time. But, it beats watching Maury, right? Who da daddy? Who da hell cares?

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I’m on drugs

Great way to start my new blob, don’t you think?  I actually had a procedure this morning, under sedation, where my pain specialist inserted needles into the nerves of my neck and then heated the needles, thereby burning the nerves.  This is supposed to help with neck/back pain and has been successful so far.  I had a rear-end (stop giggling!) collision about 15 years ago with a non-insured asswipe named Lucky Dominguez, may he rot in hell.  Ol’ Lucky was zipping along about 40 mph and I was sitting at a red light minding my own bidness when he slammed into me, fucking up my neck for good.  Now I’m 53 (shit, I typed 54 and had to change it!) years old and suffer more than ever.  Lucky ended up going to prison on an unrelated charge and every time I go into spasm or have pain, I pray for him to drop the soap so Bubba can make him his bitch.  I’m a vengeful woman.  So, I thought it appropriate to start my blob on drugs, considering my history and all.  More to come on that subject matter at a later date.  

Stick close, my lovelies.  I have some GREAT stories.  After all, I survived the 70s while married to a musician and then a lighting designer for huge concerts, with whom I had the most incredibly awesome daughter!  She’s going to be 29 next month, is married to a great guy and gave birth to the sweetheart of my life, my grandson, Cannon. (He’s TWO!  So cute you could just eat him up!)  Let’s see.  Where were we?  Aw, yes, the 80’s!  I married Amarillo’s most eligible bachelor and found out a few months into our marriage that he was bisexual.  I found out the hard way that my husband was a bottom.  Not something you want to see, trust me.  So, I bounced from the bisexual anchorman into the arms of what I thought was a great guy, a very successful farmer in a small town.  We had a fabulous daughter who is now 17 and entering her senior year of high school.  (What will I do without her when she goes to college??  I’ve been a mommy for 29 years!)  Her dad turned out to be an emotionally battering psychopath who I paid back by rubbing his toothbrush all over his pet iguana, taking special care around the dangley bits.  And yes, he got very ill.  After 12 years of emotional battering I felt it was in order.  Then I divorced his sorry ass and moved to Austin with my youngest daughter in the summer of ’98.  

After spending the 90s dating posers and smegma dicks, I found the most wonderful man and we married two years ago. He’s a well known writer and we have a lot of laughs and adventures.  I’m currently unemployed and felt is was time to start my own blob, after reading incredibly talented moms around the country and thinking to myself, self, you could do that, too.  All it took was a belly full of drugs to get me started.  Thanks, doc. 

I know this first post was like a shotgun blast, just scattered all over hell and half of Georgia, but hopefully after I come down off these painkillers, I’ll start making sense.  Or, maybe I’ll prefer to be like the Talking Heads and STOP Making Sense!  That’s what I’m talking about.  I’m looking forward to purging.  Hope someone finds me and goes along for the ride.  If you don’t like cussing, too fucking bad.

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