Waylaid on the Superhighway

I was checking out some of my favorite blobs this morning, and visited Haven Kimmel’s (the AUTHOR!). She had a response from Suzanne Finnemore (the AUTHOR!), so I went to visit HER blob and found the most interesting post about Augusten Burroughs (yep, the AUTHOR!) and how he’s addicted to QVC. (They’re all friends, see?) (I have their links in my blobroll.) He sent Suzanne all these QVC links for Diamonique jewelry, so of course I had to click over there to see what he was talking about and yes, I ALMOST hit ADD TO BASKET, but I didn’t. Whew. With amazing restraint, I went back to Suzanne’s blob and read another post that had a YouTube link. I just had to look. It was so bizarre…It was a video of a Victoria’s Secret show with Seal in a sparkly silver suit singing “Amazing” as the models pranced by, ending, of course, with Heidi in the most spectacular outfit. It weirded me out. So, I had to check out related videos, some of which were even stranger. This took me a total of about an hour of wasted time. But, it beats watching Maury, right? Who da daddy? Who da hell cares?

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